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Help Hair® Shake Vitamin rich, hair-friendly protein shake suitable for healthy hair growth, hair thinning, weight loss programs & weight training. Our patent pending, proprietary formula is the only all natural, growth hormone free whey protein concentrate to make your hair look thicker and fuller -- unlike whey protein isolate which our studies

have shown to accelerate hair loss found in most weight loss and workout products.   

Help Hair® Vitamins - Vitamins for Hair? Effectively promote hair growth from within! Great for nails too!

Help® Hair Shampoo Protein & Vitamin-rich moisturizing shampoo for fuller, flourishing, vibrant hair. 

Adult male, age 52, usedHelp Hair® shake, vitamins,shampoo & conditioner for 3 months as directed.>> More before & after ... 

Customer Service: 561.420.2400

Research Paper:   
How AFR Reduces Length
of Telogen Phase
Post Hair Transplant


Help Hair Shake is Formulated
by a Hair Loss Physician



AFR Patient Protocol Handout

Help Hair® Conditioner Stimulating conditioner adds smooth body & restores oils stripped by blow-drying & colorants.

Nutrition for healthier, 
thicker looking hair:

  • Thinning hair treatment

  • Working out

  • Weight loss

  • Beautiful nails

  • Post pregnancy thinning hair*

  • Hair transplantation*


*Note: Not for use by Pregnant or Lactating Women.


Questions:   Our upcoming product is SHAKEMD™ Weight loss product.

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